I'm Joseph ,
 nice to meet you.

I believe in products and services that work, that are created to make life better and easier for others.


For me, technology is about people, if we are not creating products and services that really matter, we are just wasting resources.



How I got started in user research

Passion + Necessity = Beautiful Accident.


I have always loved to learn, observe,  ask questions and know the "why" of things. Why did that happen? Why did someone act in a certain way? What made you make that decision?


I've been always curious. I've been always a researcher, I just didn't know it.

What I've been working on 

I’m currently working on my first book, a photography compilation of my 5 years in Glasgow. It will be out in September!


Writing and speaking. This year I've been speaking at events in Berlin and Glasgow and I'm currently collaborating in creating content with an American technology publication (more details soon).


I also help some local startups, acting as a consultant in the areas of technology, innovation and UX. If you need some help, give me a shout, it's free! ;)

I love to run. I’m the founder of Red Bridge Runners, a local community of amazing people that welcomes runners of all levels.


This year we proudly supported our friends Italian friends ‘Eternal Eagles’ in their beautiful quest of getting running equipment to disadvantaged communities in Kenya, where, despite of being the birthplace of incredibly talented runners, having access to gear is very expensive; so we collected trainers and clothing to help support the next generation of Elite Athletes.

What I'm curious about

Behaviours, drivers, intentions.


Why people do things? Act or react in a certain way?.


I’m a fan of routines, habits and productivity, so I’m constantly researching and experimenting myself.


And of course, I always follow what's happening in the tech world and wondering how the latest trends will impact our lives.

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